BCS Enterprise Architecture SG are delighted to host an online webinar that will explore the theme of cybersecurity controls and risks.

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Presentation 1 - Andy Evans
When looking at Enterprise Architecture as a whole technology stack, is the idea of risk mitigation through additional controls necessary? Or are we constantly putting “sticking plaster” over poor applications and designs?

Presentation 2 - Dr David Day
David will be arguing the following theory. The inability to understand what the cybersecurity risks are, the impact they will have, and the likelihood of them occurring is at the primary reason for cybersecurity spend fails. A very close second is the inability to know how to mitigate and control these risks. Both these reasons are heavily influenced by poor decision making rooted in cognitive biases and lack of willingness to understand the problem domain.

About the speakers

Speaker 1 - Andy Evans
Andy has spent twenty five years working in the NHS across a variety of commissioning and provider organisations including; Primary Care, Community and Ambulance providers. He has had a number of senior roles in information and information technology. He has been a Senior Information Risk Owner (SIRO) and overseen the implementation and management of the Data Protection Act requirements and management.

He specialises in large scale transformation programmes and currently works across Health, Local Authority and Social Care providers in Nottinghamshire, shaping the future information and information technology plans to support integrated and new models of care.

It is through this work he has become more and more involved (and concerned!) with privacy and data security. He describes himself as a “techie” at heart, but his focus in SecOps is on the greatest risk factor, the people. Currently, Andy is working to advance integration of health and care systems, which has led him to understand the opportunities and risks that digital services can bring.

Moving forward, his intention is to build on his early work relating to cyber terrorism risk management and look at cyber defence in a different way, focusing on a cyberpsychology defence model.

Speaker 2 - Dr David Day
David is the Managing Director at Samurai Security (an NCSC assured cyber security company), he is also a special visiting lecturer at Warwick, and Sheffield Hallam Universities. He was one of the first people to be awarded a PhD in a hard-technical cyber security subject.

He is a National Crime Agency (NCA) special officer working with National Cyber Crime Unit (NCCU) helping fight cyber-crime.

His adventures include successfully pursuing “Lulzsec” hackers, and then working with them; and winning a £10 bet from a director after he successfully hacked his self-proclaimed impenetrable international company.

He is a regular on TV having appeared on Newsnight, Panorama, BBC and ITV news, and The One Show.

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Webinar: Are we wasting money on cyber control?
Date and time
Wednesday 22 July, 6:00pm - 8:15pm
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