Dr Nigel Young will present an introduction to the role of the expert witness in IT disputes.


Dr Neil Young


18:00 - Main presentation - Dr Neil Young including Q&A
19:00 - Close


This introduction should assist

  • IT professionals who have been asked to act as an expert witness and want to know what it would entail
  • IT professionals who are considering adding the expert witness role to their activities
  • Managers whose organisations might become involved in a dispute who want to know what an expert witness will do

Dr Young will cover

  • Who can be an expert witness;
  • Are there different roles for experts?
  • What is expert evidence?
  • Is expert evidence the same as forensics?
  • What sorts of cases need expert witnesses?
  • What does an expert witness do – both before the hearing and in court?
  • Does an expert witness need to know the law?
  • What risks are there in being an expert witness?
  • Does BCS support its members in this role?
  • Next steps to becoming an expert witness.


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Webinar: BCS Law SG - What is Expert Witnessing?
Date and time
Tuesday 7 July, 6:00pm - 7:00pm

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