In this webinar we will look at what Blockchain is how it works and the impacts it has on the environment and on the global financial system.


Ron Ballard


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In this webinar we will look at what Blockchain is, how it works, and the impacts it has on the environment and on the worldwide financial system. Blockchain's first and biggest implementation is Bitcoin, so we will talk about Bitcoin.

We will consider the claims made for Blockchain and see how well it lives up to these claims.

We will look at the criticisms raised against Blockchain and see how these match up to reality.

We will look at the growth of Blockchain systems and the market enthusiasm for them.

We will look to the future: the uptake of Blockchain systems, their impact, and particularly, Facebook's interest in creating its own currency. We'll ask why the US Government is concerned about Facebook's currency, and try to decide if we should be worried too.

About the speaker

Ron Ballard studied Computer Science (with some other subjects) at Manchester University, graduating in 1973.

He worked on the development of a bibliographic database for the British Library and then spent 15 years working for database vendors, building database products, supporting them, building transactional applications and data warehouses using them, and teaching others to use them. From 1996 to 2017 he was an independent database consultant working with big databases in large organisations.

Ron has now retired but keeps himself occupied by writing and speaking about databases, and by volunteering with some major charities to assist them with agile development of data warehouses and migration to new systems.

In 2017 Ron published his first book – Relational Databases For Agile Developers – explaining how well relational databases can work with agile development practices.

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Webinar: Blockchain: The winners and the losers
Date and time
Thursday 16 July, 7:00pm - 8:00pm
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