How resilient was your organisation's response to the C-19 pandemic?

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Jesmond Baldacchino - CIO Malta Freeport
Geoff Hudson-Searle - Consultant to growth phase tech companies
Chris Youles - CIO Open University


Join us to hear about the different IT challenges our speakers faced in their organisations and how and why they made the decisions they did to preserve business continuity through lockdown. Given the benefit of hindsight, were their decisions sufficiently agile and robust for a rapidly evolving environment?

As we edge closer to a new normal, we’ll canvas predictions on what post C-19 business operations might look like and discuss the associated infrastructure, resources and mindset needed to continue to pivot and adapt.


Business as Unusual (PDF)

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Webinar: Business as Unusual – Business Continuity Management in the new world
Date and time
Wednesday 1 July, 6:00pm - 8:00pm

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