An overview of GDPR and it's misconceptions.


Dr Kuan Hon


18:30 Main presentation
20:00 Close 


An outline of the GDPR and the things that many people still get wrong (in particular the practical issues for software practitioners), covering some of the main myths and gotchas to watch out for.

  • GDPR overview / recap
  • Main myths and misconceptions
  • Key practical points for software practitioners

About the speaker

Dr W Kuan Hon is a Director in the Privacy, Security and Information Law team at leading tech law firm Fieldfisher, specialising in privacy/data protection and security-related laws, but she is giving this presentation purely in her personal capacity. Kuan is also an editor of the Encyclopedia of Data Protection and Privacy, a guest lecturer at Imperial College London and a Visiting Scholar at Queen Mary University of London. Formerly a volunteer with the UK National Cyber Security Centre and Information Commissioner's Office, she has degrees in both law and computing science, including a joint law/computer science PhD. See for further information about Kuan, her publications and presentations.

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NOTE: The session will not be recorded. If you wish to see it, you will have to attend the live webinar.

Webinar: GDP-Huuuuh? Myths, misconceptions - and reality
Date and time
Wednesday 1 July, 6:30pm - 8:00pm

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