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Talk series by British Computer Society (BCS): Cyber Space - The Future Warfront.


Illyas Kooliyankal


Cybersecurity challenges are on the rise always. From script kiddies to nation states, the threat actors vary. More adoption to technology, fueled by Post-COVID situation introduce even further dependency on online channels. This in turn bring-in the criminals also to the online medium. Due to the inherent security risks, and the speed of technology growth, the challenges associated with cyber security increased drastically. Advanced technology like AI could be used by professionals for defense and at the same time it can be used by the bad actors to target states and critical infrastructures. It is already visible that direct and indirect cyber attacks are being deployed as part of inter-national conflicts these days. The session from Illyas will look into the challenges, root causes, solutions and the future direction, the cyber world is evolving into.

About the speaker

Illyas KooliyankalIllyas Kooliyankal is a well-known Cyber Security Expert, a visionary leader with innovative approaches and transformational expertise, currently working as the Group CISO at a prominent bank in UAE. He has won many international awards, including the IDC Middle East CISO Award, ECCouncil (USA) Global CISO Award (Runner-Up), ISACA CISO, and Emirates Airlines CISM Award. He is a well-received keynote speaker at many international conferences across the world, including USA, UK, Singapore, Dubai, etc.

You can find his detailed profile and also connect on LinkedIn

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Webinar: The Institute of Applied Information Security Talk Series: Cyber Space
Date and time
Tuesday 21 July, 4:00pm - 6:00pm
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