Time: 7:00pm (IST) 

The face of business is changing across the globe, due in large part to the impact of COVID-19. Many traditional business have fallen, never to recover, leaving voids for other organisations to fill. In the first of a planned series of webinars, Bill Aitken will look at how Business Analysis can help a company adjust its strategic aims in order to weather the storms facing the world and to review its capabilities to enter or leave existing markets.

The capabilities needed to apply the relevant techniques cover a broad spectrum, involving technical, business and interpersonal skills: a unique combination. The question of how we select and train potential analysts forms part of the second half of the session, together with a discussion of how the BCS can assist in the journey from generic novice to specialised practitioner.


Webinar: Business Analysis Action with Bill Aitken - Sri Lanka section
Date and time
Thursday 4 June, 7:00pm - 8:00pm

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