This is a co-hosted event between the BCS South Yorkshire branch at the SIGiST special interest group.


Andy Shaw


17:45 Main presentation
19:30 Close


The Chair of the BCS South Yorkshire branch, and the Editor of the Tester online magazine for the Specialist Interest Group in Software Testing (SIGiST), Andy Shaw, will be delivering an interactive webinar about software testing and gives his own insights on how to think like a tester. Please join us remotely during this unprecedented time.

Software failures occur for a variety of different reasons, and software testing is vital for the Software Development Lifecycle. This webinar includes why software testing is vital to ensure the success of systems being deployed and how useful software testing strategies are for testing software. The webinar includes some polls and questions, as well as mentioning the benefits and limitations of automated testing, how having a creative and exploratory mindset is beneficial as a tester and ways people can develop their skills as a tester. There are also some exercises on how professionals, can develop themselves as software testers.

About the speaker

Andy Shaw has developed a career in Software Testing, after initially aspiring to be a Software Developer when he graduated from university. Andy became passionate about software testing after attending a networking event during a redundancy and has never looked back. He delivers talks about software testing and career development to a variety of audiences, both online and in person. Outside of work, Andy's interests include martial arts, travelling, cooking and he is also committed to promoting mental health awareness.

This event is brought to you by: South Yorkshire branch and Software Testing SG (SIGiST)

Webinar: How to think like a tester
Date and time
Tuesday 30 June, 5:45pm - 7:30pm

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