In public data centres & in computational science, open-source software plays a key role to create a productive environment for researchers.


Dr Carlos Maltzahn and Martin Callaghan


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Computational science is the modeling and simulation of the laws of nature within computer systems that offer a well-defined environment for experimental investigation. Models for climate, protein folding, or nanomaterials, for example, can be simulated and manipulated at will without being restricted by the laws of nature, and scientists no longer have to conduct time-consuming and error-prone experiments in the real world. This method leads to new observations and understandings of phenomena that would otherwise be too fast or too slow to comprehend in vitro. The processing of observational data like sensor networks, satellites, and other data-driven workflows is yet another challenge as it usually dominated by the input/output of data.

Complex climate and weather simulations can have 100.000 to million lines of codes and must be maintained and developed further for a decade at least. Therefore, scientific software is mostly open-source, particularly for large scale simulations and bleeding-edge research in a scientific domain.

About the speakers

Dr. Carlos Maltzahn is the founder and director of the UC Santa Cruz Center for Research in Open Source Software (CROSS). Dr. Maltzahn also co-founded the Systems Research Lab, known for its cutting-edge work on programmable storage systems, big data storage & processing, scalable data management, distributed system performance management, and practical reproducible evaluation of computer systems. Carlos joined UC Santa Cruz in 2004, after five years at Netapp working on network-intermediaries and storage systems. In 2005 he co-founded and became a key mentor on Sage Weil’s Ceph project. In 2008 Carlos became a member of the computer science faculty at UC Santa Cruz and has graduated nine Ph.D. students since. Carlos graduated with a M.S. and Ph.D. in Computer Science from University of Colorado at Boulder.

Martin Callaghan, Research Computing Manager and lead the Research Software Engineering team at the University of Leeds in the UK, where we provide High Performance Computing (HPC), Programming and Software Development consultancy across a diverse research community. My role involves Research Software Engineering, training, consultancy and outreach. He also manages a comprehensive HPC and Research Computing training programme designed to be a ‘zero to hero’ structured introduction to HPC, Cloud and research software development. Before joining the University of Leeds, he worked as an Engineer designing machine tool control systems, a teacher and ran my own training and consultancy business. Personal research interests are in text analytics, particularly using neural networks to summarise text at scale.

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Webinar: Open source software for scientific and parallel computing
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