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  • Webinar: Cyber Resilience: The GOOD, the BAD, The UGLY and the RETIRED?

‘An entertaining Information Security presentation on how to deal with severe impacts from unpredictable and unpreventable cyber threats.’


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The nature of today’s sophisticated attacks means that organisations must prepare now to deal with severe impacts from cyber threats that cannot always be predicted or prevented. There is no ‘silver bullet’ solution, rather a strategy of cyber resilience is needed to deliver the agility to prevent, detect and respond quickly and effectively, not just to incidents, but also to the consequences of the incidents.

About the speaker

Peter Wood on Twitter | Peter Wood LinkedIn

Peter WoodPeter’s career spans 50 years, with experience in network security, social engineering, threat and risk analysis, red teaming, industrial control systems and electronics.

He founded First Base Technologies, the UK’s first cyber security consultancy in 1989. He is also a world-renowned security evangelist, speaking at major conferences and delivering seminars and webinars. He has appeared in documentaries for BBC television, provided commentary on security issues for TV and radio, and written many articles on a variety of security topics.

Peter is a BCS Fellow, a Chartered IT Professional, CISSP (retired) and a member of CIISec, ISACA and Mensa. He is also a visiting lecturer at the University of Sussex, teaching cybersecurity and ethical hacking. Since his semi-retirement, he focuses on racing his Evo track car, composing and performing electronic dance music as Ghostbrain, helping run Southbank Equestrian Centre, and providing training and consultancy services at Naturally Cyber LLP.

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Webinar: Cyber Resilience: The GOOD, the BAD, The UGLY and the RETIRED?
Date and time
Monday 16 November, 7:00pm - 8:00pm
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