This lecture focuses on some of the realistic visualisations currently being used today.


Nigel Higgins


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This lecture focuses on some of the realistic visualisations currently being used today. It explains how Virtual Reality is a relatively new approach to a need that has existed since we first started manufacturing aircraft 100 years ago and how the need for Virtual Reality has been brought about not only with the availability of technology but also changes to the design/manufacturing systems and the industry environment and the key functions of Virtual Reality that is used in the aircraft design engineering environment as well as the use of other lower level technologies that compliment it's use.

About the speaker

Nigel Higgins joined British Aerospace Commercial Aircraft Division in 1987 as a Technician apprentice. After a number of years in the structures design department working on production design he moved into the conceptual design team working on the Future Large Aircraft (flying today as A400M) and A3XX (flying today as A380).
In 1999 his career made a steer towards the Information Management side with a new role in the Knowledge Based Engineering team developing automated design systems for wing box structure. Then in 2005 formally joined the Information Management team managing the Computer Aided Design Systems across the commercial side of the business.

This role developed into his current role as an architect with a number of responsibilities associated with the Product Lifecycle Management (PLM) and Visualisation Systems. Nigel is also an active STEM ambassador with Airbus supporting the Airbus stand both behind the scenes and front of house at many UK events. Nigel will be joined by Francesca Holmes and Ben Wardle, who as current graduate trainees will explain the graduate program opportunities available in Airbus UK for 2021.

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Webinar: VR and visualisations in Engineering
Date and time
Wednesday 25 November, 7:00pm - 8:00pm
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