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Are you confused by security? Petrified by privacy? Worried by risks? Or do you work with developers who are?

Rise above the fear, uncertainty and doubt sometimes spread by security specialists and learn how easy it is, by joining us to play a game with other session participants online.

In the tradition of SPA, you’ll be doing the work. You’ll work in groups, discussing as Product Managers what software security to implement in a banking app. It’s fun, and you’ll learn from it.

Better still, this game forms a first step in Developer Security Essentials, a short set of structured workshops that any facilitator can learn to deliver to software developers.

Join us on Wednesday evening October 7th for a fun and competitive experience!

Note: We’ll be working in teams and using game boards, so come with your video on, with a browser and preferably a large screen available. Participants will need access to Miro (an online app) - if you don't yet have an account on Miro that you can use, please register with Miro before the session, but do not create a team yet.

About the speakers

Charles Weir, Researcher, Security Lancaster at Lancaster University

Charles is passionate about improving the security skills of teams of professional software developers, and has devoted five years to developing tools to help consultants achieve that. Previously he set up the mobile application development company, Penrillian, and ran it successfully for 15 years, employing up to thirty people and with a total turnover well over £20M. Charles also helped introduce object-oriented and agile methods to the UK, and was technical lead for the world’s first smartphone.

Lucy Hunt, IT consultant, software engineer and business analyst

Lucy has over 20 years in industry and two years as an IT volunteer with VSO Nepal. In 2018 she completed her MSc in Cyber Security at Lancaster University, and is now in the third year of a PhD researching whistleblowing in software engineering.

Our events are for adults aged 16 years and over.

This event is brought to you by: BCS SPA, Quality BCSWomen and Information Security specialist groups

Webinar: Making security easy with the agile app security game
Date and time
Wednesday 7 October, 6:00pm - 8:15pm
This event is sold out