Our AGM followed by a really interesting talk by Eliza May Austin, to start off this academic year.

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A simple penetration test no longer offers enough to the corporate world. Adversary emulation is the future of offensive security, combining that with active incident response and defensive visibility provides a powerful way to explore your resourcefulness against your most likely attackers.

About the speaker

Eliza May Austin
Eliza is the CEO of th4ts3cur1ty.company, an intelligence-lead adversary emulation purple teaming specialist organisation. Eliza is passionate about making cybersecurity accessible to SMEs and even went as far as developing a SIEM service specifically designed for the SME market [pocketsiem.co.uk]. Eliza founded the Ladies of London Hacking Society (LLHS) a social enterprise committed to teaching and sharing technical knowledge among women in the InfoSec community.

Our events are for adults aged 16 years and over.

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Webinar: Purple teaming, pentests on steroids!
Date and time
Thursday 15 October, 6:10pm - 7:30pm
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