This webinar event will be valuable for anyone who is considering or starting up their own IT services business.

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Many IT professionals reach a stage in their careers where they consider starting their own IT consulting or IT services business. The reasons are complex and varied.

Making the leap from a steady pay cheque to owning your own business seems to be a daunting, risky and difficult career move at the time. Many more dream of their own business than make the transition successfully.

Colin Butcher made that change over 25 years ago when arguably it was more difficult than today and has agreed to share his hard-won lessons, aiming to help those considering this career path at this time to start up more successfully. This will not be a text-book or journalistic exposition of starting up your own business.

This webinar event will be valuable for anyone who is considering or starting up their own IT services business. We hope this event will help IT professionals impacted by the current recession who are considering going freelance. It will also be of interest to seasoned consultants interested in learning more about this part of the IT industry, perhaps to work more effectively with this growing part of our industry.

About the speaker

Colin ButcherColin Butcher CEng CITP FBCS is a long-term contributor to the BCS and this specialist group and is an international speaker on both this topic and his technical specialisms. Colin graduated as an engineer and pursued a highly successful career as a systems design engineer in industry and then as an IT consultant in large IT services companies. He then started his own specialist IT consultancy, XDelta which he has successfully led for 25 years.

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Webinar: Running a Consulting Business
Date and time
Tuesday 13 October, 4:30pm - 6:00pm
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