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  • Webinar: The power of teamwork: Using workshops to improve software security

The presentation is preceded by the AGM for London South branch.

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Software security is too difficult for us! No! it’s easy. No, it’s someone else’s problem…

Whatever your perspective, for most development teams security and privacy are now vital. Charles first faced the problem of software security as designer for the first Android money app - and when he looked for the Dummy’s guide to Software Security, it didn’t exist! Seven years later, after interviewing a score of experts and working with over a dozen projects, he’s learned that software security is actually manageable; it just not what most developers expect.

So how does a development team best address the thorny problem of security? In this talk, Charles will describe an unconventional ‘learning from the back of the room’ approach that has proved startlingly effective. He’ll touch on the evidence needed to prove effectiveness - so different from the traditional ‘proof by personality’ - and some unexpected results about the best forms of teaching.

Traditionally we come to BCS events to meet people, and you’ll do that too. The talk will be a short one, and the main interaction will you be discussing in small groups, then learning and sharing with other groups.

About the speaker

Charles Weir, Software Security Researcher, Lancaster University

Charles Weir has thirty years of experience as a software architect, design consultant and company MD, specialising in applications for terminals and mobile devices. He was technical lead for the world's first smartphone, the Ericsson R380; and was app security lead for the world's first Android payments app, EE Cash on Tap.

Charles is researching in Security at Lancaster University. He is investigating how to improve the security of software delivered by development teams, and specifically how to empower developers and product managers to deliver the right Information Security for their organisation.

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Webinar: The power of teamwork: Using workshops to improve software security
Date and time
Tuesday 27 October, 6:30pm - 8:00pm
This event is sold out