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  • Webinar: Berkshire Branch AGM and talk: ‘Using AI for good in the workplace'

Branch AGM followed by talk on AI.

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BCS Berkshire will review 2019-20 and elect a new committee for 2020-21. We hope to see new faces. Anyone is welcome to attend, and any BCS member is welcome to join our diverse committee.

We shall then welcome our guest speaker.

10 years ago everyone talked about big data, how to collect it, store it, secure it, manage it and use it. Looking ahead we will no longer be talking about machine learning on big data, but about how Artificial Intelligence will help us to gain the most valuable insights. Businesses are already working out how they can apply the missing link: machine-based reasoning capabilities that drive insights from far smaller amounts of data.

The models producing these insights will have to be transparent and as far as possible seek accountability and fairness. They will be a major step towards more inclusive businesses and increased equity.

Richard Foster-FletcherAbout the speaker

Richard Foster-Fletcher. CEO of NeuralPath.io, Founder of MKAI.org, Host of BoundlessPodcast.co.uk

Richard is an Artificial Intelligence (AI) Influencer, Speaker and Podcast Host. He is the Founder of NeuralPath.io, an AI Advisory Practice, Chair of MKAI and Host of the Boundless Podcast: Designing Our Digital Future.

Richard is a graduate of the MIT AI Strategy Course and a Wiley published author on the Future of AI. Formally with Oracle Corporation, Richard consults on AI innovation, ethics and the future of work for leading institutions including the International Institute of Digital Technologies and Henley Business School. He is a visiting lecturer in AI for Cranfield School of Management and a member of the Open University AI Projects Advisory Board.

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Webinar: Berkshire Branch AGM and talk: ‘Using AI for good in the workplace'
Date and time
Tuesday 29 September, 7:00pm - 9:00pm
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