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It’s a truism that all businesses use data. E.g. products and services must be created/sourced to appropriate specifications, stock levels need to match order books and cash must be available to flow to where it’s needed when its needed, and so on. Nothing new here. However to source, store and use the right data at the right time takes a strategy and management. If done well, and better than competitors, profitable advantage should be achieved.

This presentation explores what “data-driven” really means in the context of an enterprise. How does a business measure where they are now and determine what it should do to achieve a higher level of performance using the relevant data? What are the different approaches that can be used to achieve this? What are the pit-falls to watch out for? What strategy will lead to a continuous cycle of improvement that funds itself?

About the speaker

Peter James ThomasPeter James Thomas, Founder and Director of PeterJamesThomas Ltd, an independent consultancy

Peter has helped many organisations in a range of different industries to both leverage their data to drive commercial value and to control their data to ensure it is fit for purpose and meets regulatory requirements. Peter is an expert in the development and execution of data strategies; his experience also encompasses:

  • data science and analytics
  • business intelligence and visualisation
  • data architecture and infrastructure
  • data governance, data management and data quality
  • data organisation and data target operating model

Peter has provided services to many industry sectors including: Insurance, Banking, Healthcare, Manufacturing and Brewing. Notable successes include leading a data-centric turnaround of an Insurance organisation helping them to move from cumulative three-year losses of $520m to cumulative six-year profits of $850m.

Peter is the Founder and Director of PeterJamesThomas Ltd, an independent consultancy.

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Webinar: Enhancing your data-driven business
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Thursday 24 September, 6:30pm - 8:00pm
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