What effect COVID-19 has had for teams involved in software testing during the lockdown and what it means for us and the market going forward.

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As software testers, we have had to navigate through unprecedented times. COVID-19 has not only affected individuals and families, but has caused huge uncertainty within the economy.

Companies are now facing decisions on how projects goals can still be achieved. Maintaining and increasing quality is now front and centre. We are also in a unique time as people seize opportunities to change ways of working.

Join us for a BCS SIGiST/QA in London event as we discuss what effect this has had for teams involved in software testing during lockdown and what it means for us and the market going forward.

About the speakers

Nicola Martin (Head of Quality, Adarga, BCS SIGiST)

Nicola has almost 20 years of experience in Software Testing working on high profile projects across different industries. She specialises in working with teams to create and set up test strategies and to continually improve processes and ways of working to deliver results.

Nicola is passionate about increasing diversity and inclusion in the Testing Industry. She has mentored professionals wanting to change careers and others wishing to develop a career in testing. She is also a committee member for the BCS Special Interest Group in Software Testing (SIGiST).

Nicola is currently working in the AI and Data Science field as Head of Quality at Adarga.

Nicola will be joined by panellists:

Dono Greef 

Dono has been working within Quality Assurance for several years, helping to deliver software in many different methodologies. This journey has taken him through some epic experiences learning a lot about what works and what does not. A leader who enjoys empowering teams and helping them succeed.

Stuart Day (Head of Quality, Dunelm)

Stuart is highly experienced, versatile Software delivery and IT professional with strong business, analytical, communication, collaboration and coaching skills, with 20+ years experience as an advocate and leader of Quality within Software Delivery, and specialising in Digital and Agile transformation.

Over the last 10 years he has been applying and adapting his trade within the Agile space. Leading, coaching and mentoring teams/organisations in Agile, Scrum & Agile, QA techniques and practices such as TDD, BDD, CI & CD. Focusing on influencing a mindset and culture shift in how QA is perceived and implemented, to drive it through the heart of delivery, and lead with quality.

He is also a co-founder and organiser of Agile Leicester and TAQfull meet-ups, host of MoT SWTC Notts, along with being a key note speaker and trainer at events.

Alan Giles (Test Lead, Zesty)

In the software industry for 15 years, first in Support but then finding a more suitable home in QA/Test/WhateverItsCalled for the past 10, hands on and strategic. Currently QA Lead at Zesty, a digital health company based near London Bridge offering a suite of patient facing digital tools to healthcare providers, including the NHS. Of particular interest: industry trends, writing articles, mentoring, hiring practices.

Nuria Manuel (Quality Assurance Technical Lead, Distributed)

Nuria Manuel is a Technical QA Lead working at Distributed who is on a mission to impact the world’s understanding of quality.

She is an advocate for all aspects of diversity in Engineering and Technology and has spoken in secondary schools and universities to encourage students and to share her experience.

With a background in Chemical Engineering, Nuria started off having worked in multiple sectors such as wastewater treatment, oil and gas, engineering consultancy and diesel engine manufacturing where she found her passion for product and process improvement, product reliability and troubleshooting and optimisation.

Callum Akehurst-Ryan (Senior Tester, Bloom & Wild)

With 13+ years experience, Callum Akehurst-Ryan has tested across multiple industries including Banking, Finance, eCommerce and Public Safety. Armed with a knowledge of psychology and the technical elements of software development he regards himself as a full stack tester and frequently talks / teaches people about different areas of test. He’s also a kick ass Dungeon Master.

Marie Drake (Principal Test Automation Engineer, News UK)

Marie is a passionate tech blogger, where she talks about testing and test automation in general. Currently at News UK where she is responsible for setting up the overall QA strategy and ensuring that teams deliver high quality products. Part of her role is to also educate everyone about Software Testing and Test Automation so the responsibility of testing is shared across the team.

Our events are for adults aged 16 years and over.

This event is brought to you by: Software Testing specialist group (SIGiST) and QA in London

Webinar: QA Teams during and post-COVID
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Thursday 17 September, 6:00pm - 7:00pm
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