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  • Webinar: Re-imagining corporate security and resilience: leadership, people and growth

Understanding the role your board and your employees must play to drive security and resilience.

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Effective security risk management promotes efficiency, growth, customer trust and market differentiation for any organisation.

This was already true before the COVID-19 crisis, and it is imperative now. Our patterns of work have profoundly changed, not least with so many of our staff working from home. In parallel, companies in every sector are seeing greatly increased numbers of criminal attacks that debilitate (at best) or severely damage (at worst) businesses that may have taken years to build up.

Every crisis opens up new opportunities, especially for new thinking and innovation. The COVID-19 crisis gives directors and senior executives a rare chance to challenge old business assumptions and to develop new approaches that can guide their organisation towards a successful future. This includes the opportunity to assess how to balance the benefits of digital transformation with the need to work safely and securely and to ensure that security forms a critical part of new resilient cultures.

The COVID-19 pandemic has also shone a bright light on the importance of ensuring our employees stay safe – not only from the coronavirus but also from cyber-attacks. Self-isolation has been critically important as we help prevent the spread of the coronavirus. But how can we also isolate ourselves from a different threat whilst working at home – the threat from cyber-attackers who are exploiting weaker security practices to carry out their attacks?

Our continued vigilance has never been more important. So how do we develop a people culture that protects our business from serious fraud and theft as the ‘human factor’ plays a critical role in taking our businesses forward?

In this webinar our leading commentators and practitioners will discuss:

  • The new role of security risk management in the boardroom
  • Developing positive security cultures
  • How we have all been targeted with COVID-19 attacks
  • Insight into making your employees your strongest defence against cyber-attacks
  • Profit and culture: why is a behaviour change from the boardroom to the frontline so important?

About the speakers

Richard KnowltonRichard Knowlton

Director of Security Studies at the Oxford Cyber Academy and Chairman of Richard Knowlton Associates, the security risk and resilience consultancy. Richard was Group Corporate Security Director of Vodafone, and earlier worked in Milan as Head of Security Global Operations with the UniCredit Group, the largest bank in Central and Eastern Europe. Richard is an honorary Life Member of the International Security Management Association (ISMA) and holds a number of Board positions in companies specialising in the management of cyber risk. Richard worked in the UK Foreign Service before entering the private sector. He is based in Italy.

Professor Lizzie Coles-KempProfessor Lizzie Coles-Kemp 

Lizzie Coles-Kemp is a qualitative researcher at the Information Security Group, Royal Holloway University of London. Prior to taking up a post at the Information Security Group in 2008, Lizzie worked for 18 years as an information security practitioner. Lizzie uses creative engagement methods to research the intersections between human security and digital security. Lizzie is currently an EPSRC research fellow and co-ordinates the Digital Security for All theme as part of the UKRI network+ Not-Equal.

Nick WildingNick Wilding 

General Manager of Cyber Resilience at AXELOS (a joint venture between the UK Government and Capita plc) and Director of RESILIA, a cyber resilience best practice portfolio. RESILIA focuses on providing the digital skills, know-how, insight and confidence for all employees to be more resilient at work and at home in response to the growing cyber threats we all face. Nick has spent the last 25 years in senior business development and marketing roles. Before joining AXELOS he spent 11 years at Detica (now BAE Systems Applied Intelligence) where he led their Cyber Security market engagement, marketing and thought leadership.

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Webinar: Re-imagining corporate security and resilience: leadership, people and growth
Date and time
Tuesday 15 September, 6:00pm - 7:30pm
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