Cyber crime is not a victimless crime and is taken extremely seriously by law enforcement, join us to find out more.


Alan M, Senior Officer, NCA


19:00 - Welcome & Introduction
19:05 - Session
20:00 - Q&A
20:25 - Closing remarks


We live in a connected world that will only increase through the proliferation of technologies such as the Internet of Things and Artificial Intelligence. Undoubtedly the advancement of technology will provide exciting opportunities and career paths for those with the right skills.

However our connected lives also provides challenges with more younger people getting involved with cyber offending. Many do it for fun without realising the consequences of their actions and that their actions are criminal, but the penalties can have an impact on their future aspirations.

Cyber crime is not a victimless crime and is taken extremely seriously by law enforcement. This session will cover:

  • The UK Government’s ‘4P’ approach to serious crime threats
  • The challenges faced by UK law enforcement through the availability of cyber attack tools as a service.
  • Pathways into cyber offending taken by younger people and their motivations and drivers.
  • The aims and objectives of the Cyber Choices Programme coordinated by the National Cyber Crime Unit and delivered through regional and local force officers.
  • Methods used by Cyber Choices officers to engage and divert the younger age group from cyber offending.
  • Education initiatives to promote cyber responsibility and national cyber challenges to deliver the Cyber Choices message and Computer Misuse Act 1990 awareness.

About the speaker

Alan M - Senior Officer NCA

Alan has a multi-agency law enforcement career spanning 33 years and is currently a senior officer within the National Crime Agency. He has held a number of positions within this unit including coordination of the police cyber prevent response.

Alan now leads on the education portfolio and collaborated with PSHE to launch Key Stage 3 cyber crime lesson plans into the curriculum in September 2019. He is currently working with the Barefoot Programme on KS1 and 2 lessons which are due to launch in April 2021.

During his career, Alan graduated with an MA from Teesside University and recently passed the CISMP exam.

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Webinar: Helping to choose the right and legal Cyber Path
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Wednesday 28 April, 7:00pm - 8:30pm
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