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  • Webinar: Herding cats and sustainable IT, preceded by BCS Green IT SG AGM

BCS Green IT SG AGM and talks: Herding cats - policy, strategy and suppliers and sustainable IT - compelling proposition or greenwash?

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Herding cats - Policy, strategy and suppliers presented by Adam Turner
This presentation will focus on the efforts of the UK government to align ICT processes across all government operations to meet the countries and government net zero targets, covering policy, strategy and the ICT supply chain in a sector that faces lots of difficulties to be climate neutral and to meet net zero targets, Adam will cover some international aspects and the challenges with dealing with global ICT supply chains.

Sustainable IT - Compelling proposition or greenwash? presented by Ewen Anderson
Many organisations have strategies in place to reduce their carbon footprint, however this is often focussed mainly on their premises, business travel and energy supply. What is less well-known is that IT has a crucial role in reducing environmental impact, both by becoming “greener” itself through reduced energy consumption and waste and by enabling flexible and hybrid working to reduce commuting and business travel.

The issue is that objective data about the environmental performance of devices and services is hard to come by. With so many vendors and service providers claiming “green” credentials, how does an organisation go about creating an effective sustainable IT strategy?

This session will draw on PhD research with Warwick University and recent market research to examine current decision making and the requirements for increased transparency, science-based measurements and focus on circular economies. The conclusion will provide practical steps that organisations can take to assess their current IT carbon footprint and determine how best to reduce it.

About the speakers

Adam Turner - Head of Sustainable Digital and ICT for the UK Government and Public Sector at the Department for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs (DEFRA)
Adam is also the author of the Greening Government: ICT and Digital Services Strategy 2020-2025 and chair of the Sustainable Technology Advice and Reporting (STAR) team that authors and delivers strategy, policy and reporting for all government digital operations.

Ewen Anderson - CIO of Px3 Ltd, University of Warwick Innovation Centre
Ewen Anderson’s IT career started in the UK utility sector, progressing from regional “Head of End User Computing” to set up and manage an internal shared IT service for 20,000 users across two FTSE 100 companies. Subsequently he set up a number of well-respected IT services companies covering consultancy, managed services and specialist software development, working as a strategic consultant for many well-known UK private, public and third-sector organisations. As co-founder and CIO of Px3 his current role is to help organisations measure and reduce the carbon emissions associated with their workstyles (devices and travel), products and services to improve overall sustainability.

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Webinar: Herding cats and sustainable IT, preceded by BCS Green IT SG AGM
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Thursday 2 December, 6:15pm - 9:00pm
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