Why does language play an important role in the future of technology and cybersecurity – and how can you help make a positive change?

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Cybersecurity is often portrayed, as a niche area, physically and logically closed off where only bad things happen such as cybercrime, data breaches and fraud.

The language and visual cues we use to represent cybersecurity such as ‘young males in hoodies’, reinforces negative stereotypes, leading to biases in machine learning, and facial recognition.

Whilst language is contextual, and evolves over time, being mindful of the language we use can foster greater inclusion.

Come along to this session, to learn why language plays such an important role in the future of tech and cybersecurity, and how you can make a positive change.

About the speaker

Sarah Armstrong-Smith FBCS - Chief Security Advisor at Microsoft

As Chief Security Advisor, Sarah works with Microsoft’s strategic customers across Europe to help them evolve their security strategy to support digital transformation and cloud adoption.

She is also passionate about working with SMEs, serving as Non-Exec Director and Board Advisor to help their tech journeys.

She’s been voted one of the ‘most influential women in UK tech’, and one of the ‘most influential and inspiring women in cybersecurity’.

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Webinar: SecureIT: Mind your language!
Date and time
Wednesday 1 December, 6:30pm - 8:00pm
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