The Semantics 21 Story. We will discuss challenges faced by law enforcement agencies in investigations of digital media evidence.

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In this talk, we will discuss challenges faced by law enforcement agencies in investigations of digital media evidence (with focus on image, video and audio files) in child sexual abuse cases, counter-terrorism and other crime types.

We will give a brief sketch of how Semantics 21 has moved law enforcement into the 21st century, through AI; including examples of how tools produced by Semantics 21 have boosted the capacity and capability of law enforcement agencies conducting digital forensic investigations. We will also highlight the challenges that remain; including ethical challenges.

We will weave into the talk, the story of where Semantics 21 came from and where it is heading.

About the speakers

Dr Liam Owens BSc, PhD, PgCRM
Dr Owens is the Founder and CEO of Semantics 21 Ltd. He acquired his specialist knowledge and expertise in digital forensics technology over more than 14 years, including a total of 7 years of university education which were rewarded with a first-class BSc (Hons) in Forensic Computing, and a PhD in Computing Science, both from Staffordshire University. His PhD research investigated intelligent software solutions for processing digital media evidence seized in child sexual abuse investigations. This doctoral research included close work with the Digital Forensics Unit at Staffordshire Police. Furthermore, whilst studying for his B.Sc. degree, he worked for one academic year, as an industrial placement student in the Digital Forensics Unit at Staffordshire Police; he developed software for a digital forensics tool targeted at the iPhone. Besides his academic pursuits, Dr Owens has significant work experience in the field of digital forensics. His experience includes consultancy and business leadership, working on the development of automated digital media analysis solutions, for decision support systems aimed at reducing the cost of digital forensics investigations while boosting their rigour and accuracy. He also taught digital forensics at Staffordshire University.

Prof. Claude C. Chibelushi BEng, MSc, PhD, CEng, MIET, FBCS, SFHEA
Prof. Chibelushi is Director of Research and Development, at Semantics 21 Ltd. He has more than 30 years of research expertise covering machine intelligence and advanced multimedia systems, applied to digital forensics, automotive, healthcare, and other sectors. He has significant applied research experience in the development of practical intelligent computing techniques for processing image, video, audio or other digital media. Besides publishing papers in high impact journals and international conferences, he has successfully delivered many projects funded by the private or public sector. He has also won competitive fellowships and scholarships, including a University of Oxford (St John’s College) Visiting Scholarship, and a Beit Trust Fellowship. He has led, or been a member, of executive or advisory groups for over 20 years, including, for example, management teams; research degrees committees; the executive team of the Visual Information Engineering professional network (of the Institution of Engineering and Technology (IET)); the editorial board of the IET Image Processing journal, in the capacity of Associate Editor; and the MIT Technology Review Global Panel (a community of thought leaders, innovators and executives, tasked to share their insights and expertise on technology and its impact on business).

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Webinar: AI for Digital Forensics Investigations of Digital Media
Date and time
Tuesday 9 February, 7:00pm - 8:30pm
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