The talk will cover what machine learning is and includes a live demo of approaches using AI to support testing processes.


Productionising ML

From writing your ML to serving reliable ML apps to customers there are many steps and hurdles to overcome. This talk will cover Open Source technologies and the steps in the journey of building, managing and deploying portable, scalable machine learning (ML) workflows based on Docker containers on K8S. The talk will cover what machine learning is.

Live demo of using AI to support testing processes

Adam will discuss and give a live demo of approaches to using AI to support testing processes.

About the speakers

Dr. Larissa Suzuki
I am an award-winning, passionate computer scientist, inventor and Chartered Engineer. My career includes 16 years working in many fields of engineering, including: AI & Machine Learning, smart cities, data infrastructures, emerging technologies (AR, IoT, IIoT), ethics in many areas of computer science, business models, computing applied to medicine (cancer diagnosis and digital imaging processing), digital product design and management.

I hold a Ph.D. in Computer Science from UCL in a joint program with Imperial College London and the Massachusetts Institute of Technology. My continuing academic work is based at UCL where I serve as an Honorary Associate Professor in Computer Science. I am a Data/AI Practice Lead at Google. I was formerly a Director at Oracle, a Senior Program Manager for the Mayor of London leading on Data for London and technologies for London Infrastructure, Head of Data Science for Founders4Schools, and a Teaching Assistant in academic programs of UCL and Lancaster University, and a Visiting Lecturer at the University of Parana (MBA) and University Barao de Maua.

At the age of 21 I founded my first business (software house), and at age of 23 I became a University Lecturer teaching in BSc in Computer Science and in MBA programs.

I’ve received numerous awards, grants and recognitions from MIT, Intel, Google, IBM, ACM, Heidelberg Laureate Forum Foundation, Microsoft Research, Siemens, EPSRC, McKinsey & Co, among many others for my contributions to industry and international science. I am an Ambassador for the Queen Elizabeth Prize for Engineering, The Anita Borg Institute for Women and Technology, The IET, and Acer+Google Chromebook.

I’ve published several research papers, academic journals, books and conferences, am a frequent Keynote, conference and panel speaker (including TEDx). I am a judge and reviewer of the ACM Global Research Competition, am a reviewer of grants for the Royal Academy of Engineering, IET Innovation Awards, Talent 2030 National Engineering Competition. I am a journal reviewer for IEEE and Springer, and the chair of the Tech London Advocates Smart Cities.

Since 2006 I’ve been actively working towards increasing the representation of women in CS and Engineering (e.g IET, UCL, ABI).

Adam Leon Smith is Chief Technology Officer of Dragonfly, a European consultancy, training and products firm that specialises in the intersection of AI and quality. Adam also runs regular training courses in testing, test automation and testing issues related to AI systems.

In addition, he is the current Chair of the British Computer Society's Special Interest Group in Software Testing, the biggest UK non-profit testing group.

In his past, Adam has held senior roles at multinational financial services institutions, as well as ambitious startups, focussed on applying verification and validation techniques to complex systems and emerging technologies.

He is very active in ISO/IECs Artificial Intelligence standardisation community, where he leads the ISO/IEC projects developing a technical report on AI bias, and a standard for extending systems quality models to cover AI. He is also a contributor to the IEEE's Ethically Aligned Design standardisation initiative.

Adam is a Fellow of the British Computer Society, and ForHumanity, an independent oversight body auditing the use of AI and contact tracing technology. He is a regular speaker at conferences and a resident podcaster for the Ministry of Testing.

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Webinar: Using Artificial Intelligence
Date and time
Tuesday 12 January, 6:00pm - 7:05pm
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