One event over two half-days - organised by the BRM community for the BRM community.


22 July - Day 1 - Becoming BRM
13:00 - 17:00

23 July - Day 2 - Excelling as BRM
09:00 - 13:00


In the face of a pandemic and virtual working where we have been physically disconnected from each other, one thing has rung true... As Business Relationship Managers and IT Partners, we have continued to excel in connecting the ever more needed IT department with our colleagues.

To celebrate the role and the people who have navigated, orchestrated and facilitated relationships, a group of BRMs with the support of the BRM Institute have come together to arrange two free half day virtual events for the BRM community. We hope to learn and share from each other to further strengthen and evolve the role and the value it brings to our organisations.

We will be discussing how to recruit and mentor new BRMs; how to operate at a strategic level and push back on reactive operational responsibilities; explore the career path for BRMs, and so much more. We are even going to start the sessions off with some Tai Chi!

This event is brought to you by: APMG UK and Business Relationship Management Institute

Webinar: BRM UK community event
Date and time
Thursday 22 July, 1:00pm - Friday 23 July, 1:00pm
This event is sold out