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  • Webinar: Creating ‘Bespoke’ Electronic Information Security Policy (EICS) & support

Electronic Information and Security Policy and Risk Assessments.


Robin Semple


18:00 - Webinar starts
19:00 - Q&A

  1. Introduction to an EICS and Risk Assessments
  2. Explore the fundamentals of creating bespoke documents
  3. Roles and responsibilities
  4. Using a Mitigation Control Schedule to provide evidence for an Audit
  5. Open discussion


Delve into our experience creating these documents in a bespoke way to ensure our clients have a practical and relatable policy. Take away a practical plan to implement these documents in your organisation.

Organisations need an EICS policy to take all reasonable steps to protect the confidentiality, integrity and availability of electronic systems and information.

Complementing an organisation’s Business Continuity practices this type of policy offers further assurance of best practice management and security controls by seeking to prevent or minimise the impact of security related incidents.

Explore the practical challenges of creating a unique policy that meets the needs of your organisation. Team it with an EICS Risk Assessment (RA) that should be performed for all information and communication systems on a regular basis by Risk Owners or their delegated staff in order to identify key risks and determine the controls required to keep those risks within acceptable limits.

About the speaker

Robin Semple

Robin Semple is a recognised expert on IT infrastructure, and a founding Director of VTEQ - an infrastructure and cyber security practice established in 2008. With 25 years’ experience, Robin is the former National Manager of IBM Data Centres in Australia, followed by roles in Banking, Central Government and Consulting within the UK.

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Webinar: Creating ‘Bespoke’ Electronic Information Security Policy (EICS) & support
Date and time
Wednesday 14 July, 6:00pm - 7:00pm
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