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Dr. Harjinder Singh Lallie PhD., MPhil., MSc., SFHEA, M.Inst.IP Associate professor, WMG University of Warwick


18:00 - Webinar starts
18:30 - Main presentation
19:30 - Q&A
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A dashboard camera (“dashcam”) is an in-vehicle mountable camera which records video and audio footage of vehicle journeys. Dashcams create numerous artefacts of evidential value such as GPS data, temporal data, vehicular speed data, audio, video and photographic images.

Dashcam usage has increased over the last few years with 9% of drivers using dashcams in 2015, 17% in 2017, and 27% in 2018 (Aviva, 2018). This number is expected to increase remarkably, particularly with some manufacturers planning to incorporate dashcam capability within new car design.

Dashcam evidence is essential in road-traffic related incidents as well as to provide evidence of in-vehicle activity. Despite their importance, there is a paucity of research into dashcam forensics, and there are no known tools that enable dashcam forensics.

This talk highlights the work that we are doing in supporting this field. The talk provides an overview of the evidential value of dashcam devices, methods of extracting the evidence, efforts to develop a useful dashcam evidence dataset, and then reports on three prototypes aimed at extracting dashcam evidence.

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Webinar: Investigating dashcams
Date and time
Thursday 10 June, 6:00pm - 8:00pm
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