We address the human, social, and organisational factors affecting the security practices of app developers.


Paula Fiddi, DPhil, Candidate, University of Oxford


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Developers in SMEs, including, start-ups, spinouts and sole-proprietary businesses are creating a significant proportion of these apps to meet the demand.

These categories of organisations are generally faced with a number of challenges such as limited resources, lack of cash flow for exploring expensive technologies constrained managerial capabilities, working with an informal structure, regulatory burdens as well as the lack of resources to address emerging security issues.

We address the human, social, and organisational factors affecting the security practices of app developers and identify ways to support best practices.

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About the speaker

Paula FiddiPaula Fiddi

I’m a DPhil candidate at the Department of Computer Science, working with the human-centred computing research theme. I graduated in 2010 with a bachelor’s degree in Computer Science (Bells University of Technology, Nigeria) and received my master’s degree in Computer Science and Systems (University of Washinton, USA) in 2014. Although my background is in core computer science, my interest lies not just in the development of technology but also in understanding human experiences and social factors that influence how we interact with computer and information systems. In between my degrees, I worked as a Teaching Assistant in Nigeria, teaching undergraduate courses such as Programming Methodologies, Operating Systems, and Computers and Society.

My current research is concerned with the impact of human, socio-organisational factors on cyber security practices in software development process. This contributes broadly to human-computer interaction in application software development and secure software practices and experiences.

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Webinar: Security of apps developed in SMEs
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Thursday 17 June, 7:30pm - 9:00pm
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