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In this webinar Dr. Lester Thomas will give an overview of what 5G is and how we are likely to use it in the (near) future. With 5G, mobile internet at (faster) landline data speed, reliability and cost becomes available to “everyone”.

As with all major technical advances, “change” will be required to take advantage of the potential. The transformation required will be described and examples of the many new services that we are likely to see will be explored, including, for example: Remote and automated (mobile) device control, Internet of Things and the many opportunities enabled by freeing applications requiring broadband speeds from the confines of wired and WiFi networks.

This webinar promises to be of interest to anyone considering how technology will change our future “everyday”: Business architects, systems architects, systems designers, operations directors, entrepreneurs, investors (or those aspiring to be one of the above).

About the speaker

Dr Lester ThomasDr Lester Thomas

Dr Lester Thomas is the Chief Systems Architect for Vodafone Group Plc and also holds the title of Vodafone Distinguished Engineer. He is responsible for Vodafone’s BSS and OSS Systems Architecture and Strategy. Lester has been with Vodafone for 12 Years, transforming their architecture practice, implementing a world-class Service-Oriented Architecture and simplifying their architecture through system rationalisation and decommissioning.

Prior to Vodafone, Lester was Chief Technology Officer at an internet start-up and also spent 4 Years working for Andersen Consulting. Lester has a PhD in Digital Information Theory from the University of Wales and held a post-Doctorate research position at the University of Cambridge.

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Webinar: 5G and Me
Date and time
Thursday 25 March, 6:30pm - 7:30pm
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