This webinar will be taking you through a brief history of the OS, before taking a deep dive into OS’ APIs.

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Ordnance Survey LogoOS is often thought of as a ‘mapping company’, an organisation that produces various paper maps for leisure users, to take on the occasional hike around the UK. The legacy of paper maps has remained in some minds, and although producing these maps is still part of the business, OS has progressed beyond this.

Over the past 30 years, OS has developed from storing data on paper, to digitising this data via GI systems, to recently, releasing our APIs for the wider public to help process and analyse geospatial data at the next level. This progression is set to continue at a rapid pace.

This webinar will be taking you through a brief history of the OS, before taking a deep dive into OS’ APIs, the use case of them, and why they are the future of geospatial data. The OS has also just released the Data Hub, the one-stop location for accessing open and premium data, which we will explore as an easier solution to accessing geospatial data.

We will also be covering other technical innovations that have occurred at OS like 3D mapping, and potential future developments such as indoor emergency navigation.
Topics to be covered include:-

  • Introduction to the Data Hub
  • OS’ range of APIs (some of which include open data)
  • OS development in tech – introduction of APIs, 3D modelling, Imagery & Automated Vehicles.
  • The use of APIs in various cases, within North Wales & Cheshire, and throughout wider GB

About the speakers

Rachel Cookson is the lead Technical Relationship Consultant for the North West region. She provides various forms of technical support and geospatial solutions, whilst building and maintaining customer relationships. She predominantly works with the public sector and specialises in supporting national resilience including the Mapping for Emergencies service.

Catrin Ridyard is a Technical Relationship Consultant, covering North Wales and the West Midlands. Cat has only recently joined OS, providing technical support and building customer relationships with public sector organisations. Cat began working closely with the NHS, and supporting the Health sector with their mapping and geospatial needs.

Our events are for adults aged 16 years and over.

This event is brought to you by: BCS Chester and North Wales branch

Webinar: Changing perceptions of Ordnance Survey: from paper maps to APIs and beyond
Date and time
Wednesday 10 March, 6:30pm - 7:30pm
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