How is the IT leader to keep up? Join London North and London Central branch join us to discuss tools and techniques.

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Leading IT is always a challenge – now even more so!

From Blockchain to IoT, AI and Chaos Engineering - breakthrough technologies and approaches are evolving at a faster rate than ever. With each phase of evolution the scale of capability is greater, while the period between major shifts is diminishing.

How is the IT leader to keep up?

Assuming you even can track the relevant trends, how do you evolve the skills of your teams to adopt constantly evolving new tech?

We will consider approaches for identifying and mapping technology trends relevant for your setting, as well as team/learning models for skills and capability development and renewal.

About the speaker

Finbarr Joy FBCS, Advisor, CTO/CIO

Finbarr is an International Technology executive, with an established record for transforming global organisational performance through Digital innovation.

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Webinar: Dancing with the Red Queen - IT Leadership in a changing world
Date and time
Wednesday 3 March, 6:30pm - 8:00pm
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