Could it be that the cyber security industry is, in fact, NOT designed to stop breaches? Join us to discuss.

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The cyber security industry was founded to protect businesses from getting breached. Simple.

Yet, since the first computer virus was reported more than three decades ago – breaches have increased exponentially year after year, after year. In the last year alone just over eight and a half billion records were reported as breached. The number exceeds the actual population of the planet which unfortunately means that some percentage was lost more than once. Not good.

Last year the World Economic Forum included cyber-attacks, data fraud and information theft in their Top 10 list of risks considered either most likely to occur, most impactful should they occur, or most concerning for doing business globally. Also, not good.

The statistics are everywhere and overwhelming. Clearly, our industry has failed with its core objective – miserably.

Could it be that the cyber security industry is, in fact, NOT designed to stop breaches?

About the speaker

Richard Hollis CISM CRISC CPP PCI QSS – CEO at Risk Crew

Richard is the Chief Executive Officer for Risk Crew Limited - a unique London-based information security governance, risk, and compliance (GRC) management consulting firm specialising in providing creative, cost-effective, independent cyber risk management and security awareness training solutions.

Richard possesses over 25 years of “hands on” skills and experience in designing, implementing, managing, testing, and auditing enterprise level information security programs.

Past roles include Director of Security for Phillips in Paris; Deputy Director of Security for the US Embassy Moscow Reconstruction Project; plus sensitive security positions within the US government and military.

In addition to his work with Risk Crew, Richard serves on several security technology company boards and security industry advisory councils. He is a celebrated public speaker, information security awareness trainer and contributor to many industry publications.

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Webinar: IT Heads 2021: 5 Epic Fails of the Cybersecurity Industry
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