Did you ever wonder about the differences between CSI and real life?

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Did you ever wonder about the differences between CSI and real life? This webinar will provide an interesting and current discussion on the main differences between the fiction and the reality of undertaking Digital Forensics. In fiction, forensics is quick, every investigator is very well trained, encryptions are easily cracked, recovering evidence is simple and solving a case is possible in less than a 40-minutes episode. Stuart will be sharing his vast experience and discussing the main elements of digital forensics, what to expect in a real investigation, the commonly used Digital Forensics Tools and how investigations are done in real cases.

About the speaker

Stuart RichardsStuart Richards

Stuart has a background in electronics with 18 years of providing electronic and physical security/protection for high-value commercial, politically sensitive, and military sites. Stuart spent 10 years with Gwent/South Wales Police as a Digital Forensic Examiner, where he established the Mobile device capability for Gwent and advised other forces on the initial set up of labs. He developed and provided training for officers regarding the correct procedure for mobile devices and CCTV seizure. Since 2016, Stuart is the Academic Course Leader in Computer and Cyber Forensics at the University of Gloucestershire.

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Webinar: Reality versus Expectation in Cyber forensics
Date and time
Tuesday 11 May, 7:30pm - 9:00pm
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