A joint event between BCS Nottingham & Derby, Nottingham Trent University and IEEE (SISIG).

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Innovation plays a significant role in our personal and professional lives and the need for its development is felt today more than ever before. The objective of this presentation is to present arguments that will dispel the myths about the serendipity of its occurrence and highlight its systematic nature. In the course of this talk, a historical perspective of systematic innovation research will be taken, and a brief introduction to the most common methodologies and their development will be presented. Furthermore, a comparison of their similarities, differences and application areas will be evaluated.

The talk further aims to highlight the advantages gained from the systematic application of innovation in both commercial and social spheres. The latter includes the speaker’s belief in the benefits of teaching innovation within schools. Finally, in the true tradition of crystal gazing, the speaker details the potential development areas in this field, including AI and object orientation, and the potential for the definition of a specialist language for innovation.

About the speaker

Farhad Fassihi

Farhad FassihiFarhad is an experienced engineer with backgrounds in Electronics and Manufacturing Engineering. He studied at the Nottingham Trent university (NTU) where he worked as lecturer, module leader and course leader during the 1990s, after receiving his PhD in Computer Aided Engineering. Since he left the university, he has established a number of SMEs, focusing on Innovation at the heart of the business and operations. His latest responsibilities include managing a micro enterprise in the ICT technology space, where he has received awards for innovation and excellence from national (CILT UK) and international (EU) bodies for his company’s solutions. He is also spending some of his time at the Computer Science Department of the NTU, teaching Innovation/Enterprise and support undergraduate and postgraduate students in development of their “Final Year projects”.

Farhad is a keen proponent of Systematic Innovation and chairs the IEEE UK & Ireland’s Systemic and Systematic Innovation SIG, organising regular meetings to promote the subject. Farhad advocates teaching of innovation at an early stage, (at schools) to compliment the youth’s education by providing innovation skills that sets them for the rest of their professional life. To support this ambition, he has developed a systematic innovation methodology; “Innovactive”.

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Webinar: System Innovation; Past, Present and Future
Date and time
Monday 17 May, 7:00pm - 8:00pm
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