In this fireside chat we talk about Sarah’s fascinating technology career.

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A self-confessed Rebel in IT.

“Where others see risk, I see opportunity. As an eternal optimist I have a passion for pushing the boundaries, delivering capability and challenging the status quo.”

In this fireside chat we talk about Sarah’s fascinating technology career, the hurdles she has jumped over, and her advice on how to progress and pivot your career. We will cover what skills you need to thrive, why you should keep pushing yourself forward, and why you shouldn’t be afraid to take a gamble’

About the speaker

Speaker Sarah Armstrong-Smith, Chief Security Advisor, Microsoft

  • As Chief Security Advisor at Microsoft, Sarah works with strategic customers across Europe to help them evolve their security strategy to support digital transformation and cloud adoption
  • Her story begins in 1999, where she found herself working on the ‘millennium bug’ for Thames Water, and long before Simon Sinek she was driven to ask ‘why’ and ‘how’ to understand what was critical and why
  • A career in business continuity blossomed, and would evolve to include disaster recovery, data protection, crisis management, cybersecurity and resilience, at AXA, EY, Fujitsu, The London Stock Exchange Group and Microsoft
  • Sarah has been voted one of the ‘most influential women in UK tech’, as well as one of the ‘most influential and inspiring women in cybersecurity’
  • She is also passionate about working with SMEs and serves as a Non-Exec Director and Board Advisor for Decipher Cyber, Avnos, Vaultree and e2e-Assure, to help them navigate their own tech journey

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Webinar: Wominspiration: Microsoft Chief Security Advisor Sarah Armstrong-Smith
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Wednesday 19 May, 6:30pm - 8:00pm
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