How do you build a team as rapidly as you can in today’s complex world we all now inhabit?

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How do you build a team as rapidly as you can in today’s fast paced, cross-functional, digitalised, hybrid, highly regulated and hugely diverse complex world we all now inhabit? We’re told to form, storm, norm and perform or to build emotional levels trust which we now term ‘psychological safety’. Neither is the best way forward though.

This talk, based on George’s forthcoming book (endorsed by Amy Edmondson and Edgar Schein), introduces a ‘code’ that any team leader can follow, that science tells us, is the best way to quickly get a team performing at a high level.

Using the story of Ed Stafford, who made history as the 1st person ever to walk the entire length of the Amazon, along with his long term team mate Cho and several quickly formed teams of guides, George illustrates how the code works in today’s jungle of uncertainty, complexity and extreme challenge.

Packed full of real life examples, you will learn how to use the code in your teams, and what happens when you deviate from it.

About the speaker

George Karseras, MSc

George Karseras is a Chartered Occupational and Chartered Sports Psychologist and the Founder of, a UK based management consultancy firm, and author of Build Better Teams, Creating Winning Teams in the Digital Age. In addition to his work as an executive coach and consultant, George is a sought-after speaker.

Prior to founding Team Up George worked as a Principal Consultant at KPMG Consulting.

George works globally with hundreds of teams and CEOs all wishing to harness their potential in a variety of industries - including Banking, Asset Management, Travel, Education, Manufacturing, Property, Building, Insurance, Oil and Gas, Publishing, Retail, Software Development, Professional Sports and Media.

George has a passion for discovering what makes extreme teams work under pressure, and you can view his interviews with leaders of extreme teams on the TeamUp You Tube channel.

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Webinar: Creating winning teams in the digital age
Date and time
Wednesday 17 November, 6:30pm - 8:00pm
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