North Staffordshire BCS in association with Hack Keele are excited to bring you a talk (15th Nov) followed by a hackathon (20th & 21st Nov) on the theme "IT for social good".

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Professor Dorothy Monekosso


The latest AI and automation have found their way into many aspects of our lives and have drawn some strong criticism around civil rights and privacy, but what about the increasing benefits for society?

Our guest speaker on the 15th will be Professor Dorothy Monekosso, an eminent scientist in the field of assistive technology and medical research. Her work with sufferers of cognitive impairment such as Alzheimer's and Dementia makes use of IT in ways that have a positive benefit to society. We will learn about Dorothy's work and the part IT can play in understanding medical conditions or assisting people with limitations.

Our talk will be followed by our branch AGM, so at that point you can choose to either leave or stay on to find out more about our branch level activities or even become more involved.

Then on the 20th & 21st we have a 30-hour hackathon event where teams of up to 5 can compete for a £100 prize to showcase their ideas around IT for Social Good.
There will also be 2nd and 3rd prizes of £50 and a judge’s wildcard prize of £50. This will be a great opportunity to draw on the inspiration of Dorothy's talk to develop your own project in small teams of up to five people.

The hackathon will be a hybrid event taking part both online and with some people participating in-person during the Keele University undergraduate open day taking place on the Saturday. More details of the hackathon will be given at the end of the talk on 15th Nov.

Monday 15th Nov
7pm IT for Social Good - Talk by Professor Dorothy Monekosso
8pm North Staffordshire BCS branch AGM

Saturday 20th Nov
9:30am Hackathon introduction
10am Development starts

Sunday 21st Nov
5pm End of development and final submissions
7pm Winners announced

This event is brought to you by: BCS North Staffordshire branch

Webinar: IT for social good - Talk and AGM
Date and time
Monday 15 November, 7:00pm - 9:00pm
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