You are invited to join in the debate between IT security professionals and privacy advocates.

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Join the debate between IT security professionals and privacy advocates:

  • As an IT security manager I want to be able to inspect inbound traffic to my organisation to scan it for malware.
  • As a CIO I want outbound traffic from my organisation scanned to look for potential data loss to ensure we don't lose IP or confidential information.
  • As a CFO I would like to enable BYOD to reduce costs.
  • As a user I want my communications to be private.
  • As a DPO I need to ensure that the data protection rights or users and third parties are respected
  • As General Counsel, I need to ensure that the company obeys privacy and cybersecurity laws, litigation rules and complies with contractual obligations due to third parties
  • As a consumer product / service provider I want to compete for users on the basis of privacy features.

The intersection between current technology, competitive demands and the law means that many of these objectives are in direct conflict - with companies between a rock and hard place.

Join our debate and help solve this modern day problem.

About the speakers

Peter Wood FBCS CITP CISSP MCIIS, Partner, Naturally Cyber LLP
Peter’s career spans 50 years, with experience in network security, social engineering, threat and risk analysis, red teaming, industrial control systems and electronics.

He founded First Base Technologies, the UK’s first cyber security consultancy in 1989. He is also a world-renowned security evangelist, speaking at major conferences and delivering seminars and webinars. He has appeared in documentaries for BBC television, provided commentary on security issues for TV and radio, and written many articles on a variety of security topics.

Peter is a BCS Fellow, a Chartered IT Professional, CISSP (retired) and a member of CIISec, ISACA and Mensa. He is also a visiting lecturer at the University of Sussex, teaching cybersecurity and ethical hacking. Since his semi-retirement, he focuses on racing his Evo track car, composing and performing electronic dance music as Ghostbrain, helping run Southbank Equestrian Centre, and providing training and consultancy services at Naturally Cyber LLP.

Ashley Winton - member of CIISec and Chair of the Data Protection Forum
A former computer designer, Ashley is a fintech and privacy Partner within the Data Group of the Firm's Innovation Department. He advises on financial regulation, encryption and export control, data protection, privacy and cyber security matters with an emphasis on Blockchain, virtual currencies, and payment systems.

He advises extensively on the impact of privacy and information security law on cloud services, financial technology, telecommunications and international data transfers and has a particular focus on the intersection of competing laws, which can occur in the context of lawful interception of data, corporate investigations, government investigations or international litigation.

For many years Ashley has advised the online behavioural advertising industry in Europe and has represented that industry in relation to its dealings with the European Commission, the Article 29 Working Party, the European Parliament and various national governments.

Ashley is a Ponemon Institute Fellow and for many years has been the Chairman of the Data Protection Forum, the largest independent data protection group in the UK. He regularly speaks at industry and academic conferences.

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Webinar: Protection or Privacy?
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