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Annual General Meeting hosted by Andy Bellamy, Branch Chair

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This is our formal annual general meeting at which the committee reports on the past year and looks ahead to the coming year. Committee members are proposed and elected. Formal details are in the enclosed notice which has emailed to all registered South Wales Members. Non-members are welcome to attend but are unable to vote.

Following the formal AGM, there will be a presentation from keynote speaker Professor Tom Crick MBE CEng FLSW FBCS, Swansea University

"Rethinking Digital Wales: the Future of Education, Infrastructure and the Economy"

We have seen major policy initiatives and interventions over the past 10 years which pitch Wales as an aspiring “digital nation”: from significant initiatives to stimulate innovation and attract high-value industry, major national infrastructure investments, through to substantial education and skills reforms.

The success or failure of these various interventions have been increasingly scrutinised in public and in the online education and training, and fundamental changes to our work patterns and modes of operation.

So what does this mean for the future economy of Wales – and how can we develop a digitally confident and capable citizenry to support our wider social, cultural and economic aspirations? In this talk, Professor Tom Crick will reflect on the wider digital policy context, framing the major challenges and opportunities for Wales through the lens of recent work and activities, including the publication of the new Curriculum for Wales, the 2019 Review of Digital Innovation and the Future of Work, the various City and Growth Deals, the first three-year term of the National Infrastructure Commission for Wales, and the publication of a new Digital Strategy in March 2021.

Tom will outline the potential for positioning Wales as a national-scale, citizen-centred, open technology and policy testbed, leveraging diverse digital, data and computational assets across the public and private sector for enhancing our society, culture and economy.media at the start of the sixth Senedd and a new Welsh Government, but especially in our post-EU Exit and COVID-disrupted times.

This challenging political, policy and economic context is clear, now more so with the ongoing impact of COVID-19 and the rapid shift to remote working.

About the speaker

Professor Tom Crick MBE CEng FLSW FBCS, Swansea University

Tom Crick is Professor of Digital & Policy at Swansea University, with his role split between the Computational Foundry and the School of Education. He has been heavily involved in science, innovation, and digital policy in Wales over the past ten years, alongside leading the major digital/STEM national curriculum reforms.

Tom is a Commissioner of the National Infrastructure Commission for Wales, as well as a non-executive director of Welsh Water, Industry Wales and Swansea Bay University Health Board, having previously been a Vice-President (Academy) of the BCS (2017-2020).

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Webinar: Rethinking digital Wales: Future of education, infrastructure and the economy
Date and time
Thursday 28 October, 6:00pm - 8:00pm
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