How can we safely exploit and govern AI?

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Mike Small of KuppingerCole


Artificial Intelligence is a hot topic and many organisations are looking to exploit it, but there are many concerns around the impact this will have on society. The concept of AI is not new, but cloud computing has provided the access to data and computing power needed to turn it into a practical reality.

However, despite some concerns, the current state of AI is still a long way from the Sci-Fi portrayal of a threat to humanity. Machine Learning technologies provide significantly improved capabilities to analyse large amounts of data.

While this poses a threat of “Big Other” it also makes them suitable for spotting patterns and anomalies so, potentially useful for detecting fraudulent activity, security breaches and non-compliance. Whatever our concerns, these technologies will be used by our cyber adversaries.

How can we safely exploit and govern AI?

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Webinar: AI for Governance and Governance of AI
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