Keynote event for the Annual Conference 2021.

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Digital Marketing has earned a somewhat bad reputation for invading digital privacy and other “annoying” practices. Though this reputation is partially well-deserved, digital marketing activities are not limited to advertising and spam e-mails. With the focus on the customers' needs, wants, and interests, the marketing function penetrates all the client-facing and product design roles in a modern organisation and is highly relevant to service management in IT. Elena shares some ideas and recent developments from digital marketing research that BCS SM-ITAM specialists might find useful in her keynote presentation.

About the speaker

Elena SchevchenkoElena Schevchenko, Doctoral Researcher, Edinburgh Business School

Elena is a digital marketing researcher and educator with a special interest in online consumer engagement, and digital technology adoption in marketing. She has been teaching a range of marketing and business communication courses for universities in Dubai and the UK. Before moving into academia, Elena worked as a marketing professional in hospitality and higher education in Dubai.

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Webinar: Beyond annoying ads: useful ideas from digital marketing
Date and time
Tuesday 21 September, 6:30pm - 8:00pm
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