Ransomware - an unwanted chargeable present we do not want to receive? Must we pay for it? And how can we avoid getting it?

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Human-operated ransomware campaigns pose a pervasive and significant threat to businesses and represent one of the most impactful trends in cyberattacks today.

The evolving threat landscape has highlighted how attackers are refining their tactics and techniques, and just how far they're willing to go to disrupt organisations.

We know that the decision on whether to pay, or not to pay a ransom causes much debate, and executives are under mounting pressure to restore services as quickly as possible.

But dealing with ransomware shouldn’t feel like a game of chance.

In this session, Sarah Armstrong-Smith will explore the priorities for deploying ransomware protection, and will walk through a mitigation plan to help prevent, and recover from extortion-based attacks.

About the speaker

Sarah Armstrong-Smith FBCS, Chief Security Advisor at Microsoft

As Chief Security Advisor, Sarah works with Microsoft’s strategic customers across Europe to help them evolve their security strategy to support digital transformation and cloud adoption.

She is also passionate about working with SMEs, serving as Non-Exec Director and Board Advisor to help their tech journeys. She’s been voted one of the ‘most influential women in UK tech', and one of the ‘most influential and inspiring women in cybersecurity’.

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Webinar: IT Heads 2021: Ransomware – Pay or Pray?
Date and time
Wednesday 29 September, 6:30pm - 8:00pm
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