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An introduction to Matrices of Sets, i.e. tables where the position at line i and column j is occupied by a set M(i,j), instead of a number.

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  • short reminder of the parallel timeline of development of matrices and set theory, by leading mathematicians as Cayley, Sylvester, Jordan, Hilbert for matrices, and mainly Cantor for set theory
  • where Matrices of Sets appear, in the fringe of Graph Theory
  • an operative framework for Matrices of Sets emulating the operative framework of Classical Matrices
  • deriving the well-known Classical Matrices operations from the newly established framework of Matrices of Sets
  • developing a new approach for eigenvalue/eigenvector outside of linear spaces, for matrices and vectors of sets
  • building polynomials of Matrices of Sets
  • first application fields:
    • Logistics in multimodal transport: optimal routing of containerised freight
    • Maritime Economics

About the speaker

Renaud Di Francesco PhD, Sony Europe BV

Renaud Di Francesco, PhD, is a BCS and IEEE Member, Fellow of the IET, Director of the Europe Technology Standards Office, and works for Sony Europe BV. He is a graduate from the Ecole Polytechnique Paris (BSc in Basic Science Engineering), and Telecom Paris Tech (MSc then PhD). He is the author of technology books (Microeconomics for Big Data) and book chapters (Machine Type Communications in the 5G era in 5G Networks, Wiley, IEEE Press, 2018; Agent Based Model for Covid 19 active propagation through interaction Use cases of Elderly Care Homes, Households in Lockdown and Large Events) articles, and he has patents/patent applications in communications, automotive and transports, and automatic emoji generation. His recent research interests include agent-based modelling of pandemic propagation in defined contexts and Matrices of Sets.

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Webinar: Matrices of Sets - BCS Formal Aspects of Computing Science SG (FACS)
Date and time
Thursday 23 September, 5:15pm - 8:00pm
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