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This presentation is about the management and application of data that is collected and processed at high speed, in scenarios such as industrial process control and, increasingly our everyday society.

Uno will describe the fundamentals, tools and design decisions for working with multiple streams of data at speed, with reference to the (less contentious) example of autonomous vehicle development for the “Roborace” challenge. As such, the parallels with other “high speed” applications will be apparent. It will also include advice for those interested in learning the associated techniques, which is feasible at relatively low cost.

This presentation will be of interest to software and process engineers, architects, designers and entrepreneurs with interest in the potential of high-speed data collection and associated AI application.

About the speaker

Uno Smith – Product Designer and Delivery Manager

Uno Smith has made a career of delivering large-scale software systems for large corporations, employed to Director level. However, as a product designer he has remained at the leading edge, harnessing the opportunities provided by advances in digital development techniques to create applications at lowest cost and highest quality.

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Webinar: Fast data fast
Date and time
Thursday 28 April, 6:30pm - 7:30pm
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