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  • Webinar: The philosophy and science of EA (applying systems thinking to EA)

Please join us for an online discussion covering: What enterprise architecture is.

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What enterprise architecture is. What a system is. System dynamics. Systems thinking. Abstraction. Holism. The need to replace the hard/soft systems distinction. Enterprise cybernetics and sociology.

About the speaker

Graham Berrisford, Avancier Ltd

After 30 years working in IT projects and consulting, including 8 years as a best practice manager for a global systems integrator, Graham founded Avancier Ltd, to provide training courses to professional enterprise and solution architects, to the industry standard certificates awarded by the BCS and The Open Group. He is now internationally recognised as an authority on these topics, and has run classes from San Francisco to Singapore.

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Webinar: The philosophy and science of EA (applying systems thinking to EA)
Date and time
Monday 25 April, 6:00pm - 7:30pm
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