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Data is increasingly being recognised as important to organisations and that ‘clever technology’ cannot overcome many data quality issues. Developing and implementing a data strategy will help ensure an appropriate focus on data within an organisation to enable the expected benefits to be realised.

This presentation will help answer the questions:

  1. Why have a data strategy?
  2. Content of a data strategy
  3. How to start developing your data strategy?
  4. Implementing a data strategy
  5. Keep on course

About the speaker

Ian Wallis - Author and Director: Data Strategists

Ian Wallis has over 30 years’ experience in data and analytics across a dozen industry sectors in public and private sector, making him one of the foremost experts in delivering change focused on one of the most critical assets in organisations today. In 2021, he published Data Strategy: from definition to execution in conjunction with BCS Publishing, the most comprehensive guide to the end-to-end process of successfully embedding data and its exploitation into an organisation.

As an experienced programme director and leader in data and analytics at some of the most recognisable organisations in the UK, Ian has operated successfully in a wide range of organisations delivering at every stage from data strategy definition to implementation.

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Webinar: The role of data strategy to enable value
Date and time
Thursday 7 April, 6:30pm - 7:30pm
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