This will be a fun romp through, and over, agility and agile practices.

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Everyone has a different perspective on what agility is and where it came from and what it means, so this is a short trip through history of agile ideas, different ways in which agility can be thought of, and perhaps a new facet of agility you hadn’t thought of before. This will be a fun romp through, and over, agility and agile practices. Caution: talk may contain references to philosophy, post-modernism and contain some mild agile heresies.

For early career agilists, this is a widening of what you might have thought or been taught about the agile world and agile careers and will expose you to ideas which you might not otherwise have come across. It should help you tether your own practice, and help you reflect on what you already know and think, hopefully expanding your views on agility practices.

About the speaker

David Crowe MSc combines being an agile coach for Gallagher with being a doctoral candidate and academic at Canterbury Christ Church University.

His research topic is “Narratives in Organisational Agility”, and this talk is based on the initial research for one of his thesis chapters. He also teaches project management to undergraduates.

In his spare time (haha), David is owned by one husband and four cats, and is known to be a fan of Star Trek.

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Webinar: What is Agility? - Agile Methods SG
Date and time
Tuesday 26 April, 6:00pm - 7:30pm
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