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We look at portfolios in government.

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Delivering projects and programmes in government gets more complicated every year. The work needed to deliver high-profile policies such as Net Zero will impact us all in our work and domestic lives. It will include multiple projects and programmes in the public and private sectors and will require over-arching portfolios to ensure the strands of these transformations hang together.

In this talk, Chris Battersby from the National Audit Office (NAO)’s Major Projects Delivery group will run through the NAOs’ insights into how ‘portfolio thinking’ can help us tie together projects and programmes through effective information, planning, risk management and governance to ensure overall goals are achieved and strategies delivered.

Chris will draw on the NAO’s back catalogue of reports and investigations into government portfolios, programmes and projects, including the recent Framework to Review Portfolios, to pull out lessons we can all apply in our work as project professionals.

About the speaker

Chris BattersbyChris Battersby, The National Audit Office

Chris Battersby started his career as a COBOL programmer, then moved into IT management at Philips Electronics. Management consultancy at Deloitte saw Chris travelling around Europe and the US managing major projects and developing lean and agile techniques to make project delivery more effective and less “techie”.

Advising the Government Digital Service on Agile opened Chris’ eyes to the government’s need for good practice, and in 2014 he joined the NAO as an auditor. He has since reported on major government programmes including Universal Credit, the Emergency Services Network and the United Nations’ SAP rollout and developing guides for his fellow auditors.

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Webinar: National Audit Office Report Review – Looking at portfolios in government
Date and time
Wednesday 14 December, 6:30pm - 8:00pm

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