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In today’s business, being "Cloud Native” is often touted as being critical to a business success and yes, it often can be.

However, to become “Cloud Native” is often imagined to be much more of a fundamental step-change for a business than it perhaps needs to be.

In this session we will cover what “Cloud Migration” actually means and how it will impact the IT support structures of your business. We will aim to cover the following topics: -

  • What “Cloud Native” services actually are and how they differ from “on-premise” services
  • The “6-Rs” of Cloud Migration strategies
  • A generalised framework for how to approach Cloud Migration
  • Some common migration use-cases and general advice around them
  • Potential impacts on IT support structures and what you need to be aware of.

This session will aimed to be as “grounded” as possible, so be aware - we will be talking tech!

About the speaker

Tim PayneDr Tim Payne

Tim has worked in the IT industry for well over 25 years with most of that time being spent in the CM, SCM, and DevOps related verticals. For the last 15 years or so, he has been splitting his time between consultancy, enterprise/system architecture, coding and delivery related roles.

He currently works at AND Digital as a Principal DevOps Lead where he helps ANDs clients realise their Cloud and DevOps related journeys. Prior to that he worked at HCL as a senior DevOps architect and helped clients like IKEA, Bank of Ireland and BP in their Agile/DevOps transformations.

Tim is an avid petrol-head who likes to spend his free time restoring classic British cars and runs several car clubs, organising events at both a local and national level. He has quite a collection of rare cars which include TVRs, Marcos, Lotus and Lanchester makes.

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Webinar: Cloud Migration - Is it as really scary as it sounds?
Date and time
Tuesday 15 February, 6:30pm - 8:00pm
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