How can you safeguard organisational privacy and use of data assets?

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We've learned from past failures of companies to stay on top of data privacy and security.

  • It's not just about the failure of any single company, but those whose responses inspired admiration and that others tried to emulate.
  • Some learned the hard way and were forced to take data privacy and security more seriously after security-related incidents.
  • They learned to build short- and long-term plans for better security.

Some companies learned these lessons by watching others in their industry before they experienced any major security incident; implementing best practices with granular data privacy and security to achieve a more defensible security posture.

  • They assumed that an attacker might soon target their business or might already be in their systems.

We will discuss how the security landscape is rapidly changing and how to stay ahead of new threats.

We will review how core components for data privacy and security can be applied to new use cases and protect from ransomware and other attacks on data.

About the speaker

Ulf Mattsson, Chief Security Strategist at Protegrity

Ulf’s distinguished career includes roles as Chief Technology Officer at Protegrity, Atlantic BT, and Compliance Engineering, Head of Innovation at TokenEx, IT Architect at IBM. His achievements include development of Industry Standards, 70 issued US Patents, and expertise in aspects of data, privacy, cloud, security and robotics.

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Webinar: SecureIT: Data privacy, risks and threats
Date and time
Wednesday 19 January, 6:30pm - 8:00pm
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